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About Ironmedic

Ironmedic is a group of sports enthusiasts with government-issued medical licenses and rich experience in the competition. Through cooperation with sponsors, they expand "medic runer" from marathon field to the triathlon, cycling and long swimming , This is the world's first. Ironmedic as a competitor to accompany other players to complete the game, the process of providing non-invasive real-time ambulance.. Has been with the major domestic and international events units to work together, such as: Ironman three ~ IRONMAN, CHALLENGE, LAVA, the Republic of China Triathlon Association, tst; iron man two ~ Giant, GARMIN; cycling ~ Merida; marathon and off-road obstacles Race ~ Spartan, the Republic of China Road running Association.

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Ironmedic Services

​- Cultural and Creative Industry

- Event Safety Planning

- Event Safety Personnel Certification

- Angel Ironmedic

- Held Triathlon & Marathon race

- Ironmedic school

Ironmedic interview

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